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The links on this page may be subversive, supremacist, seditious, scurrilious and lots of other words that begin with S. You should not follow the links. You must avoid them. If you can do that, you stand a better chance of staying out of the reeducation camps. Updated every few minutes.

Mark Steyn

Mar 28 Penn State's Institutional Wickedness over a year ago
Mar 09 Kathy's World over a year ago
Mar 02 Don Black: The Sanest Guy in the Room over a year ago
Mar 01 Getting Mad ...and Getting Even? 9 hours ago

Daily Pundit

Mar 01 Not Going to Happen: The Judicial Fix Is In At the Highest Levels 3 hours ago
Mar 01 The Crazy Years 5 hours ago
Mar 01 Uh Oh 5 hours ago
Mar 01 So What? 7 hours ago

Stilton's Place

Mar 01 Slam Dunk 17 hours ago
Feb 26 Hawaiian Punch 4 days ago
Feb 24 Bum's Rush 6 days ago
Feb 22 Iran Rap 8 days ago

Raconteur Report

Feb 28 Thought For The Day a day ago
Feb 28 Sunday Music: Sirius/Eye In the Sky a day ago
Feb 27 That Answers That 2 days ago
Feb 26 Doubleplus Ungood Badthink 3 days ago


Feb 17 The Based Draft 12 days ago
Feb 12 Sow Distrust, and Profit 17 days ago
Jan 24 The Empty Fortress 1 months ago
Jan 20 The Honeypot 1 months ago

Normal American

Jan 29 An Increasingly Fragile Empire 1 months ago
Jan 21 When Trump Supporters Become 'Terrorists' 1 months ago
Jan 15 Awomen to That 2 months ago
Jan 13 The Purge of the Deplorables 2 months ago

War on Guns

Mar 01 Speaking of Racist Hate Crimes 4 hours ago
Mar 01 By Any Other Name 4 hours ago
Mar 01 As the Culture Terraforms 5 hours ago
Mar 01 Blinding Us with 'Science' 5 hours ago

Clayton Cramer

Mar 01 Geek Squad Done With My PC 22 hours ago
Feb 27 A Good Thing About Winter 2 days ago
Feb 27 The Things People Think Of 3 days ago
Feb 25 PC broken 4 days ago

The Intrepid Reporter: Big Country Expat

Mar 01 So Much For Joe… 5 hours ago
Mar 01 Wifey is Happy 23 hours ago
Feb 28 Blogshoot AAR a day ago
Feb 26 Legal Injustice 3 days ago

The Z Man

Mar 01 Carny World 9 hours ago
Feb 28 CPAC & AFPAC a day ago
Feb 26 The Mailbag 3 days ago
Feb 25 The Big Lie 4 days ago

Vox Popoli

Mar 01 Boomersick 10 hours ago
Mar 01 Social media hacks 13 hours ago
Mar 01 Trump CPAC speech 22 hours ago
Feb 28 Amazon is locking down a day ago


Mar 01 T’was ever thus 16 hours ago
Mar 01 Talking turkey 18 hours ago
Mar 01 Ready for “pResident” Kumala? 18 hours ago
Feb 28 THAT’S how you do it! a day ago

Jim's Blog

Feb 26 Fixed privacy leak in avatars 3 days ago
Feb 16 Back again 14 days ago
Jan 23 Where we go from here 1 months ago
Jan 07 Now we are in trouble 2 months ago


Mar 01 BC: So Much For Joe 2 hours ago
Mar 01 Do Not Read This Book 2 hours ago
Mar 01 JHK: Like It’s 1984 4 hours ago
Mar 01 Bracken Sends 9 hours ago

James Howard Kunstler

Mar 01 Party Like It’s 1984 8 hours ago
Feb 26 Shadowland 3 days ago
Feb 22 Repentance 7 days ago
Feb 19 Covid or No Covid 10 days ago


Mar 01 Woo Hoo! 17 hours ago
Mar 01 Who Gets It? 17 hours ago
Mar 01 Four Years 23 hours ago
Feb 28 Flap! a day ago

Street Pharmacist: Area Ocho

Feb 28 LOL a day ago
Feb 28 Socialism hurts everyone a day ago
Feb 28 First aid a day ago
Feb 27 Blogshoot 2 days ago

Commander Zero

Feb 27 For The WinCo 2 days ago
Feb 26 CostCo 4 days ago
Feb 25 Soylent 5 days ago
Feb 24 News – Gianforte signs ‘constitutional carry’ gun bill 6 days ago


Feb 22 Goodbye, Old Friend 8 days ago
Feb 09 The Parable Of Joy 20 days ago
Feb 04 Bad MFs 25 days ago
Jan 18 Denial Is Doom 1 months ago

Dissident American

Feb 01 Sorry for the pause 29 days ago
Jan 27 Some thoughts on the ruling class. 1 months ago
Jan 26 My thoughts on China, for the record. 1 months ago
Jan 25 ZeroGov: Why Glock? 1 months ago

Liberty's Torch

Jan 27 HOT FLASH: As Of Today... 1 months ago
Jan 26 What's That Alinsky Saying? 1 months ago
Jan 26 Call Your Senators 1 months ago
Jan 26 Good Thing They Aren't Nazis 1 months ago