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The links on this page may be subversive, supremacist, seditious, scurrilious and lots of other words that begin with S. You should not follow the links. You must avoid them. If you can do that, you stand a better chance of staying out of the reeducation camps. Updated every few minutes.

Vox Popoli

May 09 UATV down for maintenance 3 hours ago
May 09 Diversity for thee 4 hours ago
May 09 Sunday AM Arktoons 6 hours ago
May 09 Criminalizing Christianity 6 hours ago

The Intrepid Reporter: Big Country Expat

May 09 All Sorts of Weirdness 15 hours ago
May 08 Home Prices and Wow! a day ago
May 07 Friday and Branch Covidians 2 days ago
May 06 Mounted 3 days ago


May 08 Going Nowhere Fast a day ago
May 07 Hell Is Right As It Is 2 days ago
May 05 That Feeling… 4 days ago
May 03 Crumbling Edifices 6 days ago

Street Pharmacist: Area Ocho

May 07 Work and family 2 days ago
May 07 What *ARE* the guidelines? 2 days ago
May 07 Numbers 2 days ago
May 07 The Collapse 2 days ago

The Z Man

May 07 The Gathering Darkness 2 days ago
May 06 America The Mini-Series 3 days ago
May 05 The Pressure Cooker 4 days ago
May 04 The Mystery Cult 5 days ago


May 06 Constructing Unethical Culture 3 days ago
May 03 Fighting Reality 6 days ago
Apr 20 On the Agency Merry-go-Round 19 days ago
Apr 14 Ditch The Mask, Take Back Your Freedom 25 days ago

Normal American

Jan 29 An Increasingly Fragile Empire 3 months ago
Jan 21 When Trump Supporters Become 'Terrorists' 4 months ago
Jan 15 Awomen to That 4 months ago
Jan 13 The Purge of the Deplorables 4 months ago

Stilton's Place

May 07 Visitors Day 2 days ago
May 05 The Spies of Life 4 days ago
May 03 Meating Out Justice 6 days ago
Apr 30 Numbers Game 9 days ago

RooshV: Roosh Valizadeh

May 06 The Struggle For Virtue 3 days ago
May 03 The Prayer Rope 6 days ago
Apr 29 24 Secular Articles I Recommend 10 days ago
Apr 26 Satan Helped Me Write 13 days ago

Men of the West

May 05 Everything Old is New Again 4 days ago
May 04 The Unpersoning 6 days ago
Apr 29 Two-Level Lies 11 days ago
Apr 22 Obey God, Not Man 17 days ago


Mar 24 Wonders In The Darkness 2 months ago
Feb 22 Goodbye, Old Friend 3 months ago
Feb 09 The Parable Of Joy 3 months ago
Feb 04 Bad MFs 3 months ago


Mar 03 The Self Harming Trick 2 months ago
Mar 03 We don't have to tweet like this 2 months ago
Feb 17 The Based Draft 3 months ago
Feb 12 Sow Distrust, and Profit 3 months ago

Liberty's Torch

Jan 27 HOT FLASH: As Of Today... 3 months ago
Jan 26 What's That Alinsky Saying? 3 months ago
Jan 26 Call Your Senators 3 months ago
Jan 26 Good Thing They Aren't Nazis 3 months ago

Liberty's Torch

May 09 Communications Breakdown 4 hours ago
May 09 Deaf, dumb, and blind. 8 hours ago
May 08 Update on the 2020 Elections a day ago
May 08 Death Of A Nation a day ago


May 09 Mad as hell, not gonna take it anymore 12 hours ago
May 09 “Socialist revolution is underway in America” 13 hours ago
May 09 Just great 13 hours ago
May 09 Alien occupation 13 hours ago

Raconteur Report

May 08 Quantity Has A Quality All Its Own 19 hours ago
May 08 Ouch! That'll Leave A Mark 21 hours ago
May 05 Yes, BUT... 4 days ago
May 08 Sage Advice 22 hours ago

War on Guns

May 08 The Latest Frame Job a day ago
May 07 Don't Be a Don't Bee a day ago
May 07 The Politics of Personal Destruction a day ago
May 07 Still a Ways to Go 2 days ago


May 07 Which M16A4? 2 days ago
May 07 A Hole In The Collection 2 days ago
May 07 The "Chest Thumper" Position 2 days ago
May 06 Philippine Krag Short Rifle 3 days ago

Tactical Wisdom

May 05 Team Training Ideas 4 days ago
Apr 29 Could It Happen Here? 11 days ago
Apr 26 Lessons from “The Road” 14 days ago
Apr 25 Book Release 14 days ago

75 Million Pissed Off Patriots

May 05 Progress On The Deck 4 days ago
May 05 Question For The I.R.S. 4 days ago
May 04 This Always Cracks Me Up 5 days ago
May 05 SUCKS!!! 4 days ago

Jim's Blog

Apr 19 Make women property again 21 days ago
Apr 03 Free Software Foundation pushes back 1 months ago
Feb 26 Fixed privacy leak in avatars 2 months ago
Feb 16 Back again 3 months ago