The Purge of the Deplorables

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There is talk of civil war. This seems unlikely to happen.

Civil wars are fought between elites at odds with one another. Our own southern elites' attempt to separate from the northern elites is one example. The king of England raising an army to fight Parliament in the 1640s is another. Angola’s civil war was two anti-colonial revolutionary movements fighting after independence.

Today there are no elites publicly on the side of the deplorables. Just about every suspected conservative with a book contract, column, or blue checkmark lined up dutifully for a ritual denouncing last week. All agreed that the horned, all-organic QAnon shaman was a capable insurrectionist who was about to install himself as Supreme Maximum Leader or something.

Not one member of the Yellowstone Club or Upper West Side penthouse set would dare to suggest that the Capitol occupation was anything short of a crime against humanity that will echo through the ages, despite about half of Republicans being okay with it.

Pope Francis may not have time to criticize Antifa’s bloody tactics, but he quickly condemned American conservatives. Faithful Catholics expected this. It’s been a long time since the Spanish bishops' courageous 1937 letter describing communist abuses: “In the history of the western peoples there is on record no such phenomenon of collective savagery…”

The few elites suspected of harboring pro-deplorable sentiments are being humiliated, starting with the re-impeachment project. Josh Hawley, a sitting U.S. senator, has been reduced to complaining on Twitter that he lost a book deal. Rep. Mo Brooks released a sad, rambling statement to fend off a censure resolution blaming him for speaking at the pro-Trump rally.

Now that the president of the United States has been banned from countless Internet services, with YouTube reportedly next in line, the left has publicly consolidated their power. It does not matter that a timeline shows the Capitol breach began a full 20 minutes before Trump’s speech ended. Our overseers in Silicon Valley may be anti-American weirdos, but they write the checks, and they bring politicians to heel on command. We are meant to understand who’s the boss, and it’s not the voters.

The divide between the views of elites and normal Americans has widened to a chasm. One suspects that any pale-skinned elites who may have said something halfway flattering about Trump at some point are deleting their old tweets even faster than rumored conservative Charlie Kirk. We may also suspect that the reason for their panic is Nancy Pelosi’s decree that Trump supporters are guilty of excessive “whiteness.”

At least the communist Chinese elites were decent enough to let their deplorables expunge reactionary thoughts in struggle sessions. Now that our rulers are convinced that the real threat to America is excessive “whiteness,” their preferred solution might resemble Rwanda. Far-left commentator Matt Christman sees more clearly than blue-check conservatives here: “Neoliberalism has finally come for the whites… The vast majority of you, your kids are gonna come out peasants… They will shit all over you.” Our children understand our new reality. So does Michelle Malkin.

In less fraught times, it would be amusing to see the deranged Ayanna Pressley, who appears to be an actual elected official, accuse her fellow members of Congress of being “treasonous,” “white supremacist,” and, for something really horrible, “anti-masker.” Today we are left with the disquieting possibility that she might actually mean it. Pressley may be a member of the Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, but we all know that does not mean the civil rights and civil liberties of Trump voters. Anyone guilty of excessive “whiteness” deserves what’s coming.

Michael Beller, a top attorney at PBS, was caught on video by Project Veritas talking up the camps. “We go for all the Republican voters and Homeland Security will take their children away… we’ll put them into the re-education camps.” He trotted out the term “enlightenment camps,” which surely will make for an easier sell. We will be told it is an expression of caring and diversity to rip children from arms of mothers who are overly conservative and therefore domestic terrorists. As Jimmy Kimmel reminds us, deplorables are a “large cancerous tumor that still needs to be removed” by any means necessary.

Strangely, the re-education camp enthusiasts among our elites are not volunteering to do the roundup themselves. They expect police and the military to do the dirty work. The FBI has revealed itself to be partisan secret police, and we have no reason to disbelieve the PBS attorney’s assumption about Homeland Security. On the other hand, our rulers remain nervous about the military’s political reliability.

The Pentagon has been taking extraordinary steps to make sure members of the military do not wake up on January 20 and decide that President Trump is the lawful president. There are credible reports of loyalty tests being administered. Then there’s today’s Joint Chiefs memo saying: “President-elect Biden will be inaugurated.”

That memo also says “any act to disrupt the Constitutional process” is “against the law.” We are left to wonder amongst ourselves if disrupting the Constitutional process through election irregularities is also “against the law.” At this rate we should expect the political commissars to be assigned to units soon. For the rest of us, America’s social credit system is being rolled out.

What happens next is difficult to predict. There is time for our rulers to reduce tensions. President-Elect Biden could commit to preserving the Supreme Court’s current count and maintaining the Electoral College. He could condemn street violence from the left and maniacal talk about too much “whiteness” from his fellow Democrats. Vice President Pence, in his letter today rejecting a 25th Amendment removal, gets it right.

Sadly, this outcome seems unlikely. Our ruling elites are emboldened. They are enjoying the purge. The excellent reporter Michael Yon wrote today: “I would not be surprised at all if Trump, Don Junior, and Rudy Giuliani are charged and arrested soon.” There’s more in this vein from Bionic Mosquito, T.L. Davis, and The Intrepid Reporter.

Things seem to be accelerating toward disruptions of some sort on or after January 20. We should know soon whether that means a splintering of the empire or Jesse Kelly’s prediction coming true or a variation on hunting the deplorables for sport.

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