News to Keep You Out of the Camps

Dec 4, 2020 13:30 · 280 words · 2 minute read Tags: civil-war-2 communists insurrection journalists

Dneprovsky Camp, Solitary Confinement Cell of the Administration of the North-East Corrective-Labor Camps of Dalstroy of the NKVD of the USSR, courtesy of The GULAG History Museum and Memory Fund,

The copter-phobic far-left activists posing as journalists at the New York Times claim to give us “All the News That’s Fit to Print.” In reality only news that fits the agenda is fit to print.

Here’s something more useful. It’s News To Keep You Out Of The Camps.

Our self-appointed betters envision a glorious new era in which childless middle-aged harpies run the show. This utopia will feature delights such as better organic produce, ritual humiliation of deplorables, and increased opportunities for hairy men in heels to enjoy the company of young children in private.

Robert Reich’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission will feature live-streamed humiliation. Everyone understands the defendants will be unacceptably white straight Christian men, with a few whistleblowing Indian immigrants thrown in to satisfy diversity’s jealous gods. Sins to be confessed include owning military-grade assault weapons, reading The Rubicon War, and spurning the advances of overweight trannies.

Then it’s a free vacation to the luxurious Solitary Confinement Cells of the Administration of the North-East Corrective-Labor Camps until reeducation is complete. The successfully deprogrammed get forced labor on the solar plantations. For the hard cases, China’s lithium carbonate mines below the mountains of Jiangxi need lots of indentured servants. After all, the ranks of our Tesla-driving rulers in Chevy Chase, Aspen, and Palo Alto continue to grow. The Soviet Union’s Dneprovsky forced-labor camp and mine has set a glorious proletarian example for the world to follow.

The mob already is doing its research and keeping a list of “unfriendlies.” But President Harris' compulsory reeducation squads aren’t making the door-to-door rounds yet. You might be able to avoid it if you read News To Keep You Out Of The Camps.

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