America Past the Tipping Point

Oct 15, 2020 22:00 · 911 words · 5 minute read Tags: communists insurrection

The left is destabilizing America because they think they will win.

Our betters expect to seize political power before any tipping point is reached, and then things will settle down under new management. The expectation is that undesirables will be weeded out and anhedonic cat ladies placed in command. This utopia will feature delights such as better organic produce, ritual humiliation of deplorables, and increased opportunities for hairy men in heels to enjoy the company of young children in private.

Functioning societies are able to catch themselves like a well-heeled sailboat and stabilize before they reach their Johnsonian tipping point and sink beneath the waves. Mass protests in Greece a decade ago ended after three people died in a fire started with Molotov cocktails. Labor unions stood down. Social norms held.

It is not clear whether our late-stage American empire will right itself during this storm. The invaluable Michael Anton argues in his new book and in this essay that our ruling elites are irredeemably corrupt, that anarcho-tyranny is the law of the land, and that the left is close to achieving total dominance.

We should give the godless heathens who are burning Bibles and churches credit. They are aware of the moral force that the faithful wield. C.S. Lewis wrote, referring to his native England, that dechristianization will erode the “comparative purity of her public life, the comparative humanity of her police, and the possibility of some mutual respect and kindness between political opponents.” As Christianity recedes, the diabolical advances.

The left’s real goal is to seize power, not to sabotage society’s stabilizing mechanisms. But because our betters are impatient, they are taking risky shortcuts.

The failed coup against the president and reports of deplorables stockpiling guns and ammo have driven our rulers batty. Imagine how unhinged a self-professed journalist must be to publicly call President Trump and his supporters “maggots” who “must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society.” Or Democrat operatives privately talking up “guillotines.” Their judgment is slipping. We must also acknowledge the possibility that they were not too bright to begin with.

That explains the reckless use of secret police to spy on political opponents, pressure on the military to intervene in an election, Hillary’s advice to Joe Biden to claim he won if he loses, and so on. The casual smearing of Brett Kavanaugh and the threat of Supreme Court packing are more evidence of teenage girl-style derangement. Older deplorables will remember that Republicans suffered through the Warren Court without increasing the number of justices or barking like dogs.

Patriotism once provided a stabilizing mechanism. Now it identifies the deplorables. By starting with the falsehood that America’s founding is irredeemable, the 1619 Project leads to the conclusion that the Constitution and the American flag and Trump supporters are irredeemable. Theory meets action when the mob descends on the homes of deplorables in Portland and Wauwatosa who mistakenly believed that American citizens are allowed to fly American flags. If they defend their property from the mob they will be the ones in jail.

The so-called Black National Anthem is being played at sportsball games. We should not be surprised if Old Glory is replaced by a newly invented Black National Flag we are informed is truly historic. Black agitators may have to fight it out with the White commies on this one. Antifa enjoys a first mover advantage and already is selling theirs for $13.99 on Amazon.

It was not that long ago that Lee Greenwood was able to release God Bless the U.S.A. and watch it become a top 40 single. Now it’s a candidate for the soundtrack on Carpe Donktum’s next video showing America’s great cities aflame.

The left sees more clearly here than many normal Americans. Patriotism is an awkward fit in a multi-ethnic borderless global empire that relies on cheap foreign labor and is ruled by corporatist elites. Today a fat Mexican billionaire enjoys more influence over American immigration laws than any U.S. senator. Super-wealthy tycoons like Mark Cuban show greater allegiance to Chinese communists than the country where they were born, where they were raised, and where they were able to amass their fortunes. The Biden clan’s emails confirm how our betters view loyalty to one’s country.

Political destabilization is risky. After Spain’s communists seized power, they discarded social norms and spent much of the 1930s burning down Catholic churches and executing clergy. One history says that over 4,000 priests were murdered and 20,000 churches destroyed. The Catholic Church beatified 1,725 Spanish martyrs who died during communist persecution.

That situation did not last. Once Gen. Francisco Franco came to power, he was ungentle in his treatment of the communists and church burners. Thousands of communists were executed. Many of Franco’s political opponents fled to France and found themselves in refugee camps. Some of those were deported under the Vichy regime to Nazi Germany, which had little love for communists.

Our betters today are convinced they can pull off the delicate task of seizing power without everything crashing down on their heads. Given the poor pedagogy of government schools, if they had waited a generation they might have been able to pull it off. Because they chose not to wait, the expected outcome is less certain.

Things seem to be accelerating toward disruptions of some sort. We should know soon whether that means nastier riots or a splintering of the empire or a variation on hunting the deplorables for sport.

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