If Portland Police Stay Home

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A question worth asking about Portland’s communist would-be insurrection is what happens if the police stay home.

Every evening the Portland police arrest a variety of witless thugs and gender-confused malcontents until they reach their bag limit of commies. A few hours later, the justice system releases the rabble from jail. This arrangement lets the rabble scamper home in time for a mid-afternoon nap in their basements. They have time to loot Starbucks before the true mayhem resumes.

Because keeping the peace in Portland would be reasonable, that has not happened. Oregon’s Democrat governor Kate Brown refuses to deploy the National Guard. The new district attorney, who is “old buddies” with the commies, helps out the mob through the novel approach of decriminalizing crime. The city’s probable next mayor, Sarah Iannarone, walks around with a skirt celebrating mass-murdering commies Che, Joe, and Mao. The actual Bolsheviks banned western dress and nationalized textile factories, but if Sarah knew her history she wouldn’t be a commie.

Law enforcement could get fed up. This summer police staged their own peaceful protests by calling in sick in Louisville and Atlanta, and the blue flu began to spread in Philadelphia. A letter circulating inside the Los Angeles Police Department said: “We have to send the city a clear message that we are not expendable and we are not going to take this crap anymore.”

The crap is airborne in Oregon. Headlines like “Portland riots intensify; balloons with feces thrown at cop cars” are common. Bottles and ballons are filled with urine. Pity the Portland public affairs officer whose job it is to upload photos of the previous evening’s excreta.

Law enforcement overall has had it easy recently when it comes to quelling riots. There have been race riots since America’s First Civil War. There have been communist riots nearly as long. In New York City, police used clubs to break up a communist riot in Tompkins Square in 1874. The French police were less restrained. The Gendarmerie used swords and bayonets a year later, in what newspapers described as a “pitched battle,” to break up a gathering of 10,000 communists near the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. One wonders how many of the surviving commies left to make trouble in Germany.

The difference today is that our betters are endorsing riots and violence. We must not lose our sense of how unusual this is. It is true that the Portland antics are, as Kurt Schlichter writes, an “information operation” by the commies. The enemy is not taking and holding ground. But capturing the district attorney, mayor, and governor is not nothing either. Expect more of this from President Harris.

Oregon’s sheriffs, aware that repeatedly arresting the same purple-haired smelly vagrants wastes everyone’s time, are keeping their distance. Federal police are unlikely to defend neighborhoods.

The best reporting from Portland comes from war correspondent Michael Yon. Sadly, because he tells the truth, this talented fellow could never get a job at a legacy media corporation. He writes:

Some Portland police are talking about walking off the job.

IF Portland police walk off en masse, my sense is the resultant vacuum will thunderclap and be heard across the nation.

The blue flu happens every now and then. Because of a labor dispute the Memphis cops and fire department walked off the job in 1978. There were fires, a blackout, and a touch of looting, but the mayor was not a commie. He ordered a curfew and the Tennessee National Guard showed up. Eight days later, things were back to normal.

1970s Memphis was not infested by commies swarming on the streets and burrowing into media and government. If the Portland police fail to show up one evening, we should expect the communist militants to be emboldened and move to targeting people’s property or homes or worse. Antifa’s arsonists are practicing. The Willem Van Spronsen fan club will volunteer for the messy task of doing to the deplorables what needs to be done.

The New York Times informed us recently, with apparent glee, that Portland’s commies are threatening the homes of residents foolish enough to believe that they are allowed to fly American flags. The writer of that article, who in her spare time applauds censoring conservatives, reports that the commies realized the neighborhood they found themselves in was overly diverse. They discovered too many dark-skinned inhabitants. Therefore they “needed to go somewhere whiter.”

The spectacle of a mob descending on homes with American flags is not limited to Portland. Leaders of the mob are doing their research and keeping a list of “unfriendlies.” They await their joyous day of liberation.

Related are demands from the Portland commies who insist that White people need to turn over their homes to their betters. One was recorded on video shouting: “Give Black people back their homes! … I used to live in this neighborhood… and you’re sitting up there having a good time with your other White friends.” This property redistribution enthusiast was encouraged by the mob. Without Portland police on the job, reparations could become a do-it-yourself affair.

If the Portland police stay home and the rule of law evaporates, locals should expect to rely on the rule of 308 instead.

October 15 update: From a news article on Seattle police from local news station KTTH:

At least 118 Seattle police officers separated from the department, the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH has confirmed. In September alone, 39 officers left the force when the typical number for that month is between 5 and 7. Even new recruits are leaving.

There are now only about 1,200 officers in service for the entire city, the lowest it’s been in a decade. And even this number is misleading. Many officers are using their accrued sick time as they begin their escape to other agencies or wait for retirement…

At least 118 officers have separated from the force in 2020, with the bulk leaving after the Seattle City Council embraced radical activists pushing to defund the police. Separations are all-inclusive, including resignations (including lateral-moves to other agencies) and retirements…

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