An Irredeemably Corrupt System

Nov 6, 2020 08:00 · 766 words · 4 minute read Tags: election

Vote or Die

One benefit of this week’s election is that it has exposed a political system that is irredeemably corrupt.

We have convincing evidence the creatures working to steal the election are brazen and shameless. They think they will get away with it.

They are probably right. Nobody went to jail for spying on President Trump’s campaign. IRS officials including Lois Lerner retired with full pensions after unlawfully targeting their political enemies. But if you own a shotgun that’s an inch or so too short, your wife gets shot in the head. The law keeps the little people in their place.

This week we have caught increasingly clear glimpses of an impressive manufacturing operation that can deliver votes on demand. We should give its inventors credit. Cranking out enough votes to let a milquetoast politician like Joe Biden claim victory is hard work.

We are catching glimpses of the invertebrates of our political system, its woodlice, earwigs, and weevil larvae, that dwell under rocks in the mouldering darkness. One is a Philadelphia election judge convicted this year of fixing elections for Democrats. Our betters in the legacy media inform us that this could never happen again. Disagreeing is racist.

The self-styled journalists who lectured us on a Russia conspiracy theory for years have flipped to insisting that vote fraud is a conspiracy theory. All of the enlightened understand that Trump supporters are subhumans with a tenuous grasp on reality.

President Trump’s gift to America is that he has exposed more of the underside of the rock than his enemies expected, and might even manage to flip it over. Normal Americans did not realize until now that the vermin have been breeding in the dark for so long that the infestation is out of control. It is an unpleasant discovery, like opening the door to your pantry and seeing hundreds of cockroaches scurrying for cover.

Vote fraud in Democrat cities is so common that Barack Obama jokes about it. In the past, the fraudsters had the common decency to respect American traditions by doing it in secret.

Now the invertebrates are emboldened. They are no longer scurrying into their holes under the rock. Philadelphia election officials gleefully ignored a court order allowing the Trump campaign to monitor the vote count. The sheriff did nothing. Thousands of Democrat ballots were discovered on a flash drive. The deceased turn out early and often. Only chumps follow the law.

This did not happen in 2016. The political class knew that Hillary Clinton would win. The machine coughed out a few desultory ballots, just to keep in practice. But it was never shifted into high gear.

This time our ruling class left nothing to chance. Everything has been fine-tuned and calibrated. The machine generated the correct number of Biden votes needed, which is why the counting had to be halted for a while in key states. Deplorables might wonder if this is why the director of Fox News' election decision desk, a longtime Democrat political consultant, remains so confident in saying that Arizona will go for Biden. It also explains why Biden didn’t bother to campaign. The fix was in.

Meanwhile lots of elected Republicans are sitting this one out. The FBI, which instantly dispatches teams of agents to investigate “It’s okay to be white” flyers and non-existent NASCAR nooses, is doing the same thing. Claims on its website that “the FBI is committed to protecting the rights of all Americans to vote” are propaganda meant to fool the rubes.

Fixing the rules would be straightforward. Voting in elections is done in-person on paper with valid identification. Absentee ballots are provided by request, for a good reason, and with safeguards. Vote counting is done in public, not behind pieces of cardboard. Europe and South Dakota are examples. That these are never seriously considered shows who’s in charge, and it’s not us.

Exposing the vermin will be one of Trump’s lasting legacies. Normal Americans may have suspected the deep state existed, but his presidency revealed how many of these pestilential swamp creatures den in federal agencies. He also exposed the anti-American fabulists pretending to be journalists, though stopped short of mandating media jackal badges. The jackals have returned the favor by yowling that Biden is president-elect, never mind the actual deadlines of December 8, December 14, and January 6. The weirdos running social media will kick you off if you disagree.

This time the ruling class has overplayed its hand. Trump may or may not eventually win. But now normal Americans are aware of the full extent of the threat. They will prepare accordingly.

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