Weaponizing the Law in Portland

Oct 18, 2020 22:00 · 930 words · 5 minute read Tags: communists insurrection

Portland’s descent into mayhem illustrates how the law is being weaponized against deplorables.

In a pioneering move, Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt has decriminalized crime. As a result, criminals with the correct politics are enjoying Mike’s new catch and release policy, and the term “serial riot arrestee” has entered the English language.

Mike was elected in May, thanks to a boost from that all-American patriot George Soros, by voters who wanted him to prosecute violations of duly enacted criminal laws. His campaign website includes few hints of radicalism. It informs us that he and his female-identifying wife “own a small home where they are raising their son, a dog, a cat” and, because it’s Portland, “three chickens.” We are told Mike is a normal guy who “enjoys playing darts.”

Mike’s campaign bio neglects to mention his policy of encouraging violent communist radicals to burn down the city, but mendacity in our public servants must be excused in pursuit of higher goals. Ensuring that deplorables are prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society is one. True healing can only take place after that messy but important task is complete. And who better than a politically proven politician like Mike to chairentity a future Truth and Reconciliation Commission? Robert Reich says it’s necessary.

News reports tell us that a delightful woman calling herself variously Tracy Lynn Molina and Cozacachuatli Chicome has been arrested at least seven times at violent Antifa protests in Portland. Her battle cry: “Fuck white supremacy, fuck the MAGA who follow the European American rule of these homelands is over!” One report says prosecutors did not seek bail after Cozacachuatli was arrested for interfering with a peace officer, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, second-degree trespass, another count of disorderly conduct, and interfering with a peace officer at an unlawful assembly.

Because Cozacachuatli has the correct politics, she will remain free to bring about the people’s revolution. Unlike the commies, Mike Gibson of Patriot Prayer did not join riots, assault police, or play at domestic terrorism. Instead he visited an area of the city claimed by Antifa goons, and faces a felony riot charge as a result.

The Multnomah County district attorney has refused to drop the charge. We may reasonably assume for that to happen Mike Gibson would to need to rename himself Cozacachuatli, embrace the revolution, and denounce the heteronormative ableist White Christian privilege that has led to a felony charge. Slicing off his man parts and starting an After School Satan Club for Portland’s youngsters would seal the deal.

We all know that in today’s reality, because Mike Gibson is a pro-life American patriot, and worse yet, unapologetically Christian, a different set of rules apply. Our rulers have decided they have amassed sufficient power to twist and corrupt the law as needed. Your guilt is predetermined by your politics. Gibson was forced to hire an attorney and sued the Multnomah County district attorney in federal court.

Other officials are in on the game. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has creatively redefined the First Amendment to allow only groups with the correct political views to hold rallies. After Mike Gibson bypassed the city by obtaining a permit from the federal government for a rally on federal property, the mayor tried to have it revoked. One city commissioner demanded that police declare Patriot Prayer “the real threat to our public safety.”

When the local newspaper published a column that failed to denounce Mike Gibson, and called his rally “respectful,” our betters sprang into action. Deborah Kafoury, the chair of the Multnomah County commissioners, tweeted that the article was “unforgivable.”

Weaponizing the law is not limited to Portland. The pestiferous swamp things inhabiting Washington, D.C. have shown how the guilty go free while the innocent are labeled criminals.

Then there’s the claimed coronavirus emergency. Looting maskless mobs run wild, while peaceable maskless churchgoers are arrested. Gun stores are ordered to close while pet grooming and marijuana sales continue their vital operations uninterrupted. Our betters inform us that abortions are a crucial constitutional right that must be preserved during lockdowns but petitioning your government for a redress of grievances is not allowed to happen.

This inverts Blackstone’s “equitable rules.” Then again, the creatures who operate the wheels and levers of Portland’s legal system would say that Sir William Blackstone was too white and straight and male anyway.

Bari Weiss summarizes this from a liberal but red-pilled Jewish perspective:

The new creed’s premise goes something like this: We are in a war in which the forces of justice and progress are arrayed against the forces of backwardness and oppression. And in a war, the normal rules of the game—due process; political compromise; the presumption of innocence; free speech; even reason itself—must be suspended. Indeed, those rules themselves were corrupt to begin with—designed, as they were, by dead white males in order to uphold their own power.

We should recognize that the creatures behind the curtain are corrupt and vindictive but not terribly capable. Multnomah County DA Mike Schmidt’s biography lists no work experience outside government. It is likely that he would not be hired for an honest job in the private sector.

Normal Americans are figuring this out. They have a habit of respecting the law, unlike commie insurgents and their inner city second-stringers. This respect is eroding as normal Americans see the supposed justice system weaponized against them.

Not everyone has forgotten St. Augustine’s maxim that an unjust law is no law at all. What happens when lawlessness becomes the new norm may not turn out the way our betters expect.

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