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In our vibrant new era of St. George, Communist agitators and their inner-city window smashers are getting plenty of practice at street mayhem.

Portions of America’s great cities have been set aflame, normal Americans have harassed by mobs, and shots have been fired. But the level of violence has remained low by historic standards.

During Newark’s 1967 race riots, four days of Black rioting led to 21 deaths, 1,100 injuries, and 1,600 arrests. A New York Times article indelicately headlined “Negro Sniping Widens” said cops went through so much ammo shooting into the ghetto that “20 cases of rifle cartridges were borrowed” from a nearby city.

New Jersey’s Democrat governor, Richard Hughes, called it “a criminal insurrection by people who say they hate the White man but who really hate America.” Of course no Democrat official would be allowed to say that today.

The violent riots of the 1960s were followed by violent underground groups in the 1970s. What remained the same was a focus on racial grievances and anti-White rhetoric.

The book Days of Rage recounts that “every single underground group of the 1970s” was concerned “first and foremost” with eliminating real or suspected racism. The Weathermen’s December 1969 mass gathering featured speakers saying “it must be a really wonderful feeling to kill a pig or blow up a building” and debates over whether slaughtering White babies was a properly revolutionary act. This remarkable history was not unearthed by the dissident right. The author is a Vanity Fair correspondent.

Like today, deluded anarcho-commies had convinced themselves that really scary Nazis are about to take over. From Days of Rage:

“Race comes first, always first,” says Elizabeth Fink, a radical attorney in Brooklyn who represented scores of underground figures… “The country was turning into Nazi Germany, that’s how we saw it. Do you have the guts to stand up? The underground did. And oh, the glamour of it. The glamour of dealing with the underground. They were my heroes. Stupid me. It was the revolution, baby. We were gonna make a revolution. We were so, so, so deluded.”

An underground resistance movement in the 1970s was attractive to misfits and racial grievance agitators. Hundreds of young Americans dropped out to become urban guerillas. They set off thousands of bombs including in the Pentagon, the U.S. Capitol building, a Boston courthouse, and a Wall Street restaurant. Because the bombers notified their targets, buildings could be evacuated and the body count remained low.

The perps were Communist-inspired revolutionaries who knew their Lenin and Mao and Ho Chi Minh. But as Days of Rage recounts, their preferred model was the Cuban Revolution and their favorite icon was Che Guevara. They failed to bring about the proletarian revolution, and in fact brought about the Reagan revolution, but their cultural victories were longer lasting. Woke American companies like Amazon will sell you Che-branded merchandise and woke universities like UC San Diego host The Che Cafe, despite Che herding homosexuals into forced labor camps. Intersectionality ranks Communists above the gays.

The question is whether we should expect today’s insurrectionists attempting a hostile takeover of Trader Joe stores to escalate the violence.

One scenario says the street commies back down. This is more likely with a Biden win. Perhaps Kamala Harris signals the president-elect will be ousted so America can heal under the rule of a childless middle-aged harridan who always knew the Big Guy was a racist segregationist.

On the other hand, our modern-day Marxists have invented a story line and in it they’re the good guys. Xie tell xirself that xie are the scrappy, brave, gender-fluid heroes attempting to tear down the fortress built by evil heteronormative White men. The story does not permit the hero to choose to go home and chill on the couch. Xie has to keep up the fight.

A second scenario is what normal Americans buying up guns and ammo anticipate. Leftists are already unhinged and a Trump landslide will send them over the edge. Portland and Seattle are beta tests for the final product release scheduled for a national rollout on November 3. A close result on Election Day will require targeted mayhem to ensure judges rule the correct way once sufficient ballots are procured.

This second scenario could see the street commies revisiting the bomb-obsessed lifestyle of their revolutionary predecessors in the 1970s, although hopefully with more bathing and fewer STDs. Arson is a possibility. Also normal Americans were not the only ones buying up all those guns and ammo. The left could become so deranged that they start shooting up the power transformers in hopes of bringing it all down.

The street commies do not appear satisfied with nagging outdoor diners and attempting to burn down courthouses. They are marching in residential areas. They are harassing people flying American flags. They are sending threatening letters. They are employing larger fireworks, which when used at ground level have an effect closer to incendiary grenades. The left may simply want to start hunting the deplorables and will invent a justification. Voting for Trump may be enough to put you on their list.

So far most normal Americans on the right, including patriot groups and members of militias, have been staying away from crowds. They have zeroed their firearms but are watching from afar Democrat voters burning down Democrat-run cities.

This is a good strategic choice. It is unwise to interrupt the other side when their street antics are alienating normal Americans before a national election. Kyle Rittenhouse and the McCloskeys demonstrated the challenges of self-defense in areas where the law is weaponized against deplorables.

The right may have stood down because of the election. They understand that anyone with the wrong skin color and politics can be falsely depicted by legacy media as a White supremacist ableist heteronormative Nazi. Democrat operatives posing as journalists are skilled at ignoring violence from the left, while making up stories about White guys with guns. The FBI has enlisted in the anti-Trump resistance. Homeland Security is possibly worse.

But the election is only 11 days away. Afterward attitudes might change. If the street commies dial up the violence, the deplorables might be more inclined to defend themselves, their houses, their businesses, and downtown areas from the mob. Some of them might even have pickup trucks and scoped rifles and have read Matt Bracken.

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