The Revolutionary Red Zone

Nov 9, 2020 09:00 · 756 words · 4 minute read Tags: civil-war-2 communists election

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Wresting control of a once-free republic like America has been a painstaking job for our gulag-obsessed revolutionaries. They understand that if the people’s revolution kicks off too early, normal Americans might object in no uncertain terms.

Our betters would love to set up guillotines for deplorables and sundry subhumans who continue to spew their hateful rhetoric about their Constitution and their Second Amendment and their God-given rights. One wonders if the People’s Liberation Army might be enticed into a little recreational target practice in corners of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. But even the most impatient of the lot understands that all of the deplorables have seen Red Dawn.

Their solution has been to take it slow so a needle indicating political unrest among normal Americans stays out of that dangerous red zone. A few patriotic souls might recognize the trend and organize but that can be viewed as a good thing. Violence can be blamed on those useful if nonexistent white supremacists once the street commies show up. Police budgets get fatter and domestic surveillance gets a boost. Plus it keeps Democrats in a low-level state of anxiety if the mask thing ever gets old.

That is why we see Joe Biden talking about decency. It is intended to signal to the pinkos that they should shut up about guillotines and gulags for now. The needle needs to stay out of the red. Trump voters are meant to understand that a Biden presidency wouldn’t be too awful and they should stop insisting that the election was stolen. No telling where that could lead, you know?

Biden’s statements are a lie, of course. If he meant it he would condemn Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s enemies list and Michelle Obama calling Trump voters agents of “lies, hate, chaos, and division.” Keith Olbermann could be informed his demands to imprison political opponents are anti-American.

Biden has not done this. We may remember this is the same guy who called Trump supporters “chumps” two weeks ago. Any politician who argues that 8-year olds, too young to cross the street by themselves, are old enough to chop off their boy parts is either insane or possesses a fleeting acquaintance with the truth.

As Michael Anton points out, it’s better for a coup to be bloodless. Not only does that avoid the unpleasantness of tanks in the streets, you have the delicious ability to deny a coup has happened. MSNBC is roaming Philadelphia today interviewing Trump voters with a goal of making their claims of ballot fraud sound like sightings of the Loch Ness monster. Our most loyal ally already is informing us that talk of stolen elections is a conspiracy theory.

This also explains why the weirdos running social media are so intent on suppressing questions about election skulduggery in key states that the media, exercising its solemn constitutional duty, has awarded to Biden. Censoring the New York Post’s exposé of Hunter Biden’s misdeeds was a successful beta test. Now the system update can be rolled out nationwide in hopes that normal Americans get bored and switch to sportsball.

Another benefit of a bloodless coup is that it avoids the messiness of gulags and guillotines. If word got out, that would be bad optics all around. Our ruling elite’s European counterparts might ask uncomfortable questions on the lifts or at après-ski in Courchevel or Verbier. Plausible deniability is so much better.

Keeping the needle out of the red zone means the military will sit it out, as it did in Czechoslovakia in 1948. Fortunately officers suspected of being overly patriotic have been purged. West Point cadets were once taught infantry tactics, artillery tactics, and military law. Now they’re reading “A Critical Introduction to Queer Theory,” which surely terrifies America’s enemies. As a bonus, allowing trannies to serve as commissioned officers encourages the normal ones to quit.

Our betters might have won fairly if they had waited a generation or so. Many deplorables would have died off, with gender-confused types wearing commie dictator T-shirts replacing them in the voting booth. Today’s essay on argues it could happen sooner: “The irony is that if the Left had waited to 2024, they could have had it all with a young, charismatic candidate winning it all and pulling all of the levers (new Left-leaning states, expanding the Supreme Court, etc.) to make the future Leftist forever.”

But our ruling elites are impatient. This may be their downfall. It is possible that normal Americans will realize what’s going on. And then the needle moves into the red.

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