An Early Civil War II Forecast

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Thomas Chittum is a U.S. Army rifleman turned mercenary who in 1995 predicted the United States will splinter because of racial tensions. The date he forecast for the start of Civil War II might sound familiar. He said the split would begin in May 2020.

“Civil War II will be preceded by a wave of urban riots that will last an entire summer and extend all across America in every major city,” Chittum wrote a quarter of a century ago. Because rioters will be protected by local politicians, “riots will increase, and Black mayors will not put them down so as not to alienate their power base.”

These predictions appeared in his book Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America. Chittum wrote it decades before anyone besides the local constabulary knew the name George Floyd, and a year or two before St. George launched a career of theft, drug dealing, and armed home invasion that characterized his frequent interactions with the criminal justice system pre-canonization.

Chittum forecast a dark and violent end to what our betters inform us will become a vibrantly multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-ethnic American empire. He predicted insurgents would form ethnic alliances and police would resort to using armored vehicles. Rioters will create “barricades that are boundaries” when claiming portions of cities as their own and will besiege police stations because they view “police as the occupying army of a foreign power.”

Because Blacks have little military power of their own, he wrote, they will seek “a strategy of a Black alliance with establishment White imperialists, and internationalists.” George Soros couldn’t have put it any better.

The empire’s ethnicities will organize along racial lines for survival, Chittum wrote. Whites will realize that “politically-correct social planners have assigned English-speaking Europeans to the very bottom layer of imperial America.” There will be ethnic self-sorting and a White flight to northern states.

Thomas Chittum's mid-1990s map of the U.S. splintering along racial lines

Chittum expected Blacks to claim the southeast, from Virginia through east Texas. The rest of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California from San Diego to north of San Francisco will go Hispanic, along with the tip of Florida. The wealthy lefties in Marin County, Calif. will be made to understand that donating their hillside homes to their Hispanic gardeners and nannies is the price of expunging their White privilege.

The northern U.S. states will be White, Chittum predicted. Military forces will be deployed at internal borders, with a no-go zone enforced by field artillery.

All of this seems unlikely. The late American empire is under siege by Communists trying to pull off a homegrown cultural revolution. Today’s commies seem mostly White, with a policy of outsourcing the looting to their more diverse allies as intersectionality demands.

On the other hand, P. Diddy is now calling himself a “Black nationalist” and warning Whites that if they vote for Donald Trump next month, they should be “scared to death” because a “race war” will start. P. Diddy thinks that “White men like Trump need to be banished.” The Not F-cking Around Coalition guys also want their own all-Black nation, saying for reparations “we’ll take Texas.”

That may be a difficult sell given that Texas' population is only 13 percent Black and falling thanks to ethnic cleansing by sharp-elbowed Mexicans. Some Texas counties are approximately 100 percent Hispanic.

A better choice for Blacktopia might be Mississippi, the U.S. state with the proportionately highest Black population at 38 percent. One hitch from the point of view of large-scale ground combat operations is that while Marin County is inhabited by effete Biden voters, those White guys in Mississippi are more likely to be armed combat veterans. Plus the southern deplorables may object to a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to address systemic racial heteronormative ableist injustices in advance of deportation proceedings.

Washington, D.C. and the U.S. Virgin Islands are more demographically promising candidates for all-Black nationhood, plus the old standby of Liberia, which seems like a pleasant place to holiday with the family.

Malcolm X was a self-described “black nationalist” who didn’t make much headway but P. Diddy might have the cash to pull it off this time. Maybe the Black nationalists can get together with the White nationalists and figure this thing out biracially.

Thomas Chittum is still around and could consult on the project. He’s launched a web site with the uplifting title of Millions Will Starve. It haphazardly chronicles the collapse of the American empire project and offers some election predictions.

If Joe Biden wins, Chittum says, the “mob will be emboldened as never before and go on a burn murdering looting rampage that we’ve never seen the likes of.”

“If Trump is still in the White House next spring,” Chittum says, “we will probably escape the military phase of Civil War II. He can probably at least keep it contained to the cities. Mind you, we will be having hellish economic circumstances. But at least we won’t be butchering each other at the pace of about two or three hundred a day.”

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