Review of Prairie Fire: Guidebook For Surviving Civil War 2

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Prairie Fire: Guidebook For Surviving Civil War 2

There are .50 BMGs mounted on rust-pocked Dodge pickups that patrol the sere, endless rangeland of West Texas. There are adobe walls formed from the hardpan Texas dirt, in the style of Afghan qalats, protecting ranches from Midland to El Paso.

There are bodies of blue-haired, gender-confused commies, in various stages of putrefaction, adorning telephone poles along route 285. “Smashing Fascism Is My Cardio” and “Burn the Deplorables” T-shirts remain faintly legible despite the unrelenting sun and West Texas haboob winds. The turkey vultures have left little else.

If this is what you think might happen, Clay Martin has the book for you. It’s called Prairie Fire: Guidebook For Surviving Civil War 2.

A library of survive-the-coming-collapse books has been published. They have titles like Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide, How to Survive The End Of The World As We Know It, and The Civil Defense Manual. In this era of self-publishing, one may be forgiven for thinking there are more survival guides than people to read them.

The principle is sound. Be prepared for disasters. Fr. Z, a Catholic prepping-priest, reminds us: “You simply must make plans along these lines, especially if you are responsible for the well-being of others.” Self defense is a “grave duty.”

But books written a decade ago when there was a flurry of interest in EMP attacks may not be relevant when street commies with Molotovs show up because you’re a white guy who made the mistake of flying an American flag. Everyone knows Old Glory means you’re a racist in need of some vigorous reeducation. Your wife and children will be removed from society to become laborers on the solar plantations.

Self-publishing means books can be timely. Martin, a former Green Beret and “career military dude,” finished writing Prairie Fire in August. Not much has changed. We still don’t know for sure who will take the oath of office in January, God willing and kraken permitting.

Prairie Fire summarizes America’s homegrown cultural revolution kicked off by street commies and their inner-city window smashers:

This is actually dangerous—because it is working. They are gaining ground and terrorizing middle America without ever having to step foot in it. The optics look really bad and that is demoralizing to our fence-sitters. This is an example of 4th Generation Warfare and it stands just as much chance of overthrowing our government if left unchecked as a shooting war would.

Prairie Fire reminds us the insurgencies and color revolutions of 4th Generation and 5th Generation warfare have limits. 3rd Generation warfare can win given sufficient resolve.

Mobs of unmarried, unhappy, gender management graduates are unlikely to prevail against Americans familiar with the principles of combined arms and fire and maneuver. “They crumble like a sandcastle in a tsunami if they go up against 3rd Gen warfare conducted by people that just don’t give a fuck… 4th and 5th Gen warfare loses its teeth if you decide not to care about public opinion or U.N. binding resolutions.”

The author, Clay Martin, calls his book a “roadmap for how Red counties can survive a Civil War that the Blue counties seem so desperate to start.” Scenarios include Blue Team states seceding after a Trump win, and Red Team states seceding after a Biden win.

Of course only a conspiracy theorist would argue that Trump won on election night, and then Blue Team “found” enough mail-in votes to reverse it. Intimating such a thing would displease our social media overseers and be treasonous to boot. Robert De Niro reminds us that the wind farms need indentured fieldhands.

Prairie Fire suggests the Troubles will arrive in three waves. Phase 1 is normal Americans relocating from Democrat-run cities. This is approximately where we are today. It happens when the street commies' arson brigades get too rambunctious while the police find somewhere else to be. In our vibrant new era, Mogadishu on the Mississippi is a fiery place at night.

Phase 2 will be marked by a flood of refugees. There may be raids. There may be roving patrols. But the rule of law will not vanish completely.

Things get sporty in Phase 3. This is New York and California attempting to secede. Or: “Oregon sending its National Guard armored regiment over to Idaho to force Idaho’s Electoral College electors to certify a certain way and Idaho greeting them at the border with TOW missiles and A-10s.” The U.S. military is an “absolute wild card.” West Point’s commie infiltration and Obama’s military purge may prove more than symbolic.

Prairie Fire is dedicated to Kyle Rittenhouse, “Hero of Kenosha, Defender of the Realm.” Compare to Black Rifle Coffee CEO Evan Hafer, who is distancing himself from the Kenosha kid while donating to Democrat politicians trying to ban black rifles. It would be impolitic to suggest the “black rifle” line might be more sloganeering to sell a run-of-the-mill product than a principled commitment to Americans' right of self defense.

Perhaps the republic will stumble on without any Troubles, despite the best efforts of anti-constitutionalist agitators. Wealthy nations tend not to devolve into hot civil wars.

On the other hand, we must not underestimate the left’s desire to punish the deplorables for being overly white, overly male, overly straight, overly devout, and overly conservative. Prairie Fire is insurance against this possibility. The telephone poles dotting the creosote bushes and catclaw mesquite of West Texas aren’t going to decorate themselves.

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